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01-bornes-et-traversees see

Solder terminals (insulating materials P.T.F.E.)

Terminals and isolated, providing an electrical path through wall ...

02-accessoires-de-connexion see

Connectors accessories

Accessories isolated and no-isolated connections
IT permits connections between several points of the printed ...

passe-fil-ptfeA see

Insulatings parts

These parts maintain and isolate conductive parts. (Cable, contact…) ...

04-realisations-speciales see

Custom’s designs

Parts on plan following specific or customer’s specification, form prototype to mass production ...

entretoisesA see

Autres produits

Spacers P.T.F.E. it allows you to completely isolate your stack of the P.C.B. ...

06-obturateursA see


P.T.F.E. Sealing plugs for round and rectangular connectors ensuring the imperviousness of the interfacial membrane ...

07-connecteurs-et-accessoires see

Connectors and accessories

Gauthier Connectique grows and realise connectors and specific product ...

08-raccords-et-backshellsA see

Back shells

Gauthier Connectique manufactures back shell for military connectors ...

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